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hermina_intro_02The natural and socioeconomic entourage generates, in certain conditions, events with negative effects on the evolution of the society's activity: natural hazards, economic crises, unemployment, inflation, disadvantageous economic conjuncture, etc. Some events are beyond the control of people and others are related to human’s attitudes or activities.

These phenomena can cause, in certain circumstances, accidents that could damage or completely destroy certain means of production and consumer goods and/or affect the working ability and even people’s life.

Insurance, regardless of its form, makes a transfer of risks that a natural or legal person cannot financially afford partially or at large. Physical and/or mental integrity of persons, of their properties or actions, are the main reasons that determine interested people to seek for a form of protection against some events that can bring losses of certain severity in certain conditions.

The Insurance - Reinsurance Broker HERMINA Limited is a legal entity which exclusively offers you not only mediation and negotiation of the most advantageous insurance cover terms, but also assistance before and throughout the duration of the contract and/or in connection with the settlement of damage.

HERMINA Limited will represent your interests and provide you with the largest protection at the lowest costs. We pledge to provide you the best possible offer should you need any insurance coverage existing on the insurance/reinsurance market.

This fact implies an excellent highly professional insurance background, which our staff posesses. We do not focus on certain products of a single insurer, but examining and comparing the best and most complex products existing on the entire insurance market, we select the best one appropriate to your needs and possibilities.

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